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Accessory Valves & Devices

DescriptionTitleFile size
Accessory ValvesSM-400.09 Accessory Valves876KB
C2 Relay ValvesSM-400.8002 C2Relay613KB
PD-2 & PD-4 Drain ValvesSM-500.25 PD2 4 Drain Valves455KB
RELAYAIR Valves (L-5-A)SM-400.8106 RELAYAIR L5A703KB
RELAYAIR Valves (H-5, H-5-D and L-2-A)SM-400.06 RELAYAIR H5 H5D L2A1.4MB
S Pressure RegulatorsSM-500.1560 S Pressure Regulator1.2MB
Series PD Relay ValvesSM-400.8004 PD Relay Valve1.3MB
Start Air ValvesSM-400.8101 Start Air Valve525KB
Type "S" Relay ValvesSM-400.8007 S Relay Valve809KB

Pneumatic Valves

DescriptionTitleFile size
D PILOTAIR Valves (R431000925 and R431000926)SM-700.7502 DPilotair R431000925and261.1MB
A PILOTAIR ValvesSM-700.7400 APilotair627KB
CERAM ValvesSM-300.10 CERAM2.3MB
D PILOTAIR ValvesSM-700.7501 DPilotair5.4MB
FLEXAIR Pneumatic Control ValvesSM-800.40 Flex Air Valve1.5MB
H-1 and H-1-A CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-800.6501 H1 Controlair2.7MB
H-2 CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-800.6502 H2 Controlair2.0MB
H-3, H-3-G & SH-3 CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-800.6515 H3 H3G SH31.4MB
H-4 CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-800.6516 H4 Controlair2.0MB
H-4-G CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-800.6517 H4G Controlair1.4MB
HC2 CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-800.6505 HC2 Controlair1.2MB
HD-2 CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-800.6508 HD2 Controlair1.1MB
HE-2 CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-800.6511 HE2 Controlair1.6MB
HG-2 Type CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-800.6512 HG2 Controlair858KB
P ROTAIR ValvesSM-700.7600 P Rotair Valve4.2MB
POWERMASTER Valves and SUPERSPOOL ValvesSM-300.8000 Powermaster Former SS Valves1.4MB
TASKMASTER Valves - Hopper DumpSM-300.7901 Taskmaster Hopper Dump1.0MB
TASKMASTER ValvesSM-300.79 Task Master Valve0.9MB
Type 740 ValvesSM-300.20 740Valve0.9MB
Type M Plus Pressure Control ValvesSM-800.11 Type M Plus Valves868KB

Mobile & Oilfield Actuators & Positioners

DescriptionTitleFile size
A-2-H Actuator PositionerSM-900.4407 A2H0.9MB
AA Type Actuator PositionersSM-900.4401 AAactuator1.0MB
C Linear Positioner (Small)SM-900.4409 CLinear Positioner714KB
Construction Grade CylinderSM-1000.4200900KB
E Type Linear Positioner (12E Diaphragm Positioner)SM-900.4413 E-type Positioner435KB
Eight Position CylindersSM-1000.4904 Eight Position Cylinder1.4MB
Five Position Air CylindersSM-1000.4901 Five Position Cylinder492KB
Four Position Multiposition Air CylindersSM-1000.4921 Four Position Cylinder615KB
Servo - Positioner - Model ASM-900.4610 Model A Servo1.1MB
Servo - Positioner - Model BSM-900.4602 Model B Servo1.2MB
Six And Seven Position CylindersSM-1000.4905 6 7Cylinders849KB
TASKMASTER CylindersSC-200 Air & Hydraulic Cyl7.8MB
Three Position Air Centered CylindersSM-1000.4911 Three Position Air599KB
Three Position Spring Centered CylindersSM-1000.4916 Three Position Cylinder579KB
Two Direction Positioner - Linear Type, Cast BodySM-900.4404 Two Position Cylinder Linear573KB
Two Position Multiposition Air CylindersSM-1000.43 Two Position Cylinder Multiposition737KB

Air Preparation

DescriptionTitleFile size
AntifreezerSM-500.0601 Antifreezer501KB
Regulators - 08 SeriesSM-500.05PR65KB
Lubricators - 08 SeriesSM-500.05PL75KB
Filters - 08 SeriesSM-500.05PF53KB


DescriptionTitleFile size
2A-2A CONTROLAIR ValvesSM-1200.61011.6MB
GEARMASTERSM-1200.153 Gearmaster0.9MB
HD-2-FM Controlair Valves SM-1200.6514 HD 2 FM604KB
Logic ValvesSM-1200.9200 Logic Valve Disassembly Repair1.2MB
LOGICMASTER Control Systems (R431007528)SM-1200.5102 LogicMaster R4310075281.3MB
LOGICMASTER Marine Control Systems (R431007529)SM-1200.5101 LogicMaster R4310075291.1MB
LOGICMASTER Marine Control Systems (R431007538)SM-1200.5108 LogicMaster R4310075381.4MB
THD-2-FM Controlair ValvesSM-1200.40640KB
Transmitter - Fuel Rack PositionSM-1200.1510 Fuel Rack Position361KB

Railcar Valves & Cylinders

DescriptionTitleFile size
Railcar Cylinders (R434001037 P322908)SM1000.50397KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434001025)SM1000.511.6MB
Railcar Cylinders (R434001244)SM1000.52355KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434001033)SM1000.53308KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434001024)SM1000.54301KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434001268)SM1000.56230KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434005833)SM1000.57105KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434001278)SM1000.58422KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434001003)SM1000.60563KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434004008)SM1000.61420KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434004984)SM1000.70519KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434005343)SM1000.71188KB
Railcar Cylinders (R434005872)SM1000.80487KB
Railcar Valves - SuperSpool_R434000181SM300.952.1MB
Railcar Valves - SUPERSPOOL II (R431001089 and R431001090)SM300.9001740KB
Railcar Valves - RCV5 (R434005262 & R434005983)SM300.9300612KB
Railcar Valves - RCV5 (R434005973)SM300.9310740KB