Quick Ship Pneumatic Valves, Ceram™

Ceram™ ISO 5599/1 Directional Control Valves - advantages at a glance

  • Eliminates downtime – valves don’t stick
  • Extended life – anticipated life of 150 million cycles
  • Lasts in harsh environments where other valves will not
  • Exceptionally tolerant of dirty/contaminated air supply due to ceramic sliding plates

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Eliminate downtime, ceramic plates don't stick

The AVENTICS Ceram valves are ISO 5599-1 type valves, interchangeable with many other manufacturers. Unique ceramic plates form a nearly perfect, indestructible seal. The Ceram is more tolerant of dirty air and harsh conditions than any directional control valve available. Offers higher flow rates as compared other ISO valves within the same size. Construction allows field convertibility for internal or external pilot control. Specific models of ISO sizes 1, 2 and 3 are included in Quick Ship. In addition, for inventory flexibility, some ISO sizes 1 and 2 valves with CNOMO operators less coil are included in Quick Ship, and coils for these are ordered separately. Subbases are also ordered separately.

Product Features:

  • Long service life of over 150 million cycles
  • Designed for non-lubricated service
  • Near diamond hard ceramic sliding plates provide sealing
  • and are guaranteed for life of the valve
  • Works well in either harsh or normal environments
  • Perfect for neglected air supply systems, i.e. contaminated with dirt, rust, moisture, carbon black, etc
  • Locking or non-locking manual overrides
  • Valves with and without coils available for maximum flexibility to meet a variety of applications
  • Accessories: NPT and ISO-G single subbase and manifolds, sandwich pressure regulators and flow controls 

Further Information

See link below to download our entire Quick Ship catalog. The catalog details our products included in the program including part numbers, lead time in business days and the maximum quantity that can be ordered as a Quick Ship item at one time.

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AVENTICS Quick Ship Program offers concrete advantages reference to a set of our most popular, standard products, provides specific shipment parameters per part number.

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