Proximity sensors

Proximity sensors - advantages at a glance

  • Sensor solutions for universal applications, suitable for C-slot, T-slot, dovetail nut or a wide variety of sensor mountings
  • Wide range of versions with different line lengths and connections
  • Mounting from above in the slot (“drop-in” mounting)
  • Robust housing
  • LED display

Our sensors

ST4 sensor series

Our smallest sensor for handling technology


They can be integrated in all pneumatic actuators and are ideal for small handling.

ST4-2P sensor series

The two-point sensor makes so many things even easier


ST4-2P series sensors make it possible to measure any two switching points in a 50 mm range using just one sensor in a 4 mm C-slot. As a result, there is no need to install a second sensor, making the process easier, faster, and more precise. Assembly and cabling effort is also halved. A serial interface is provided for diagnosis and configuration.

ST6 sensor series

The classic sensor in automation for the 6 mm T-nut


It can be used in all standard AVENTICS cylinders.

ST9 sensor series

Versatile sensor for cylinders with dovetail nuts


The sensors of the ST9 series are specifically developed for short-stroke cylinders and offer a lean design and practical handling.

SN2 sensor series

Universal sensor, highly compatible with different cylinders


With their universal functionality and form, the sensors of the SN2 series are at home in nearly every industry and application. They are designed as an especially robust reed sensor for a wide voltage range of up to 240 V AC.

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