CAT - Cushioning Adjustment Tool

CAT - Cushioning Adjustment Tool - advantages at a glance

  • Increase of productivity through optimal adjusted cylinders*
  • Reduction of vibrations and oscillations in the system
  • Saves cost and energy
  • Fast and precise setting
  • Reproducible adjustment independent of external influences

The easy way to precise cushioning adjustment

So far an optimum end cushioning adjustment requires experience, a certain feeling and sometimes practice. The adjustment of end cushioning is easy and quick, ensuring the correct settings. After the sensor is fixed onto the cylinder and switched on, all functions can be read from the large LED display and cushioning adjustment can be effected precisely. Additionally, the optional AVENTICS app provides information about piston speed and indicates the cushioning characteristics graphically. Today, you can count on the reliable support of sensor electronics for easy cushioning adjustment:

•By using the new CAT tool and the optional AVENTICS app you can easily adjust the cushioning of your cylinder

•Fasten the CAT box onto the cylinder

•Switch on the CAT box (on/ off switch)

•Simply adjust the cushioning according to LED.

An optimal cushioning adjustment pays off*

Cylinders without effective, custom-set cushioning can strain transported work pieces, shorten the service life of the modules and generate damaging vibrations within the entire machine. Adjustable pneumatic cushioning ensures optimal results. Only a few turns of the cushioning screw are sufficient to ideally adjust the cushioning to the work piece weight and the dynamics of the movement.

•Productivity - higher cycle times thanks to greater speed in reaching the end position

•Reduced energy consumption - smaller cylinders with the same cushioning performance

•Smooth running - fewer vibrations - less noise

•Cost savings - possible to select smaller and more economical cylinders, valves and peripheral

* Part number R412026160. For further information please refer to the CAT-Adjustment Guide.

CAT makes it even easier for you

CAT - Cushioning Adjustment Tool