Railcar Valve Protection Box

Railcar Valve Protection Box - advantages at a glance

  • Saves installation time and cost
  • Heavy, cast aluminum construction
  • Factory pre-assembled with valve

For quick installation

The AVENTICS railcar valve protection box saves installation time (and cost) by being an option to buy with the pneumatic valve. This heavy-duty unit is a 1/4" thick cast aluminum construction. The enclosure integrates the directional control valve (Super Spool or RCV), subbase and a protection box all in one unit. Some of the advantages of the AVENTICS enclosure are that the lid will remain closed (with the use of heavy-duty latches) if the car is used in rotary service. You will also have the option to lock the box. If the lid is left open, it will automatically shut when the cars dump. You will have enough room at the end of the box to trip the manual overrides with a gloved hand. The diode box can be replaced without removing the valve.

Product Features:

  • Complete valve/subbase and protection box pre-assembled
  • Option to lock
  • Automatic lid closure
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