Rail Hopper Car Valves & Cylinders

Railcar Super Spool™ Pneumatic Directional Control Valves

Rugged, heavy-duty designs and years of proven reliability. Valves with manual, air pilot or solenoid operation (single or double), with subplate or tapped body mounting are available. Several different versions of valves are available, depending on the application and customer desires, with maximum up to 15.75 Cv.

Railcar Valve Protection Box

This heavy-duty unit is a 1/4" thick cast aluminum construction. The enclosure integrates the directional control valve (Super Spool or RCV), subbase and a protection box all in one unit. The diode box can be replaced without removing the valve.

Other Pneumatic Accessory Components - Railcar

In addition to railcar pneumatic valves and cylinders, AVENTICS provides other pneumatic accessory devices required to complete an installation. Often used components include quick exhaust valves, check valves, flow controls, filters, regulators and drain valves. The railcar industry requires heavy duty pneumatic components and AVENTICS delivers.

Pneumatic Railcar Cylinders

The heavy-duty cylinders operate hopper gates for automatic bottom dumping. Generally these are used on hopper cars hauling coal, aggregate, sand, gravel, ore or other commodities. Customers can choose between steel tubing with chrome plated I.D. or lightweight and corrosion resistant fiberglass. Heads and caps are made cast ductile iron.