ES05 - Essential Valve Systems

ES05 - Essential Valve Systems - advantages at a glance

  • Easy Installation
  • High Flexibility
  • Easy Configuration
  • High Quality
  • Low Inventory Investment
  • Inline and Manifolds

The new ES05 is the simple solution for basic pneumatics

ES05 is a valve system that has been designed especially for standard pneumatic applications and industrial automation. With flows up to 0.61 Cv, ES05 is sufficient to cover the majority of applications. Simple, flexible and efficient – without the bells and whistles.

Only 25 part numbers required for any inch or metric configuration, both inline valves and manifolds.

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Easy assembly

  • Uniquely designed with only one torque, one tool required.  The modular concept with low number of parts and simple assembly saves our customers time.
  • Thanks to the notched design of the components, mistakes at assembly are nearly impossible.

High flexibility

  • The ES05 allows individual configuration, the flexible electrical connectivity enables easy modification and extensions.
  • Modifications are possible at any time down to the last minute or even after installation.

Easy configuration

  • Through the engineering tools you can easily configure, assemble or order your desired products,
  • Including all documentation free-of-charge.

High quality

You can benefit from cost focused contemporary products in technical excellence made from extensive wealth of experience.

Lower inventory

Small number of parts required to build vast variations of valve systems reduces inventory investment.

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