Clean Line Air Valves, Series CL03

Clean Line Air Valves, Series CL03 - advantages at a glance

  • Rated IP-69K for high-pressure wash down
  • Optimal corrosion resistance
  • No protective cabinet required
  • Design custom valve manifolds online
  • Inline CL03-EV version available

High pressure wash down capability

In the food processing and packaging industry there is a need for air valve systems featuring hygienic design, the ability to withstand aggressive detergents and chemicals, and high protection class. A high degree of modularity and flexibility are further essential requirements for these applications. The Clean Line, CL03 pneumatic directional control valve, from AVENTICS meets all of these. The hygienically designed CL03 is available in the standard manifold version CL03, a higher flow version CL03-XL and in a single subbase version CL03-EV. Factory-assembled and tested manifolds can be up to 16 stations/32 solenoids in either discrete multi-pin or direct fieldbus connection.

The gaps between the valve protection covers allow easy cleaning and avoid dirt pockets. The materials used for the subbases and covers are carefully selected and tested for chemical resistance. By not requiring a protective cabinet, the valve offers reduced installation cost, and the valves can be located closer to the actuators, allowing the machine to function faster.

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Product Features:

  • Flow: CL03: 0.75-0.85 Cv (750-850N l/m), CL03-XL: 1.1 Cv (1100N l/m), CL03-EV: 0.7 Cv (700N I/m)
  • Materials:
       Valve body and subbase: Polyamide (P12)
       Seals: HNBR
       All screws and fittings (optional): Stainless Steel
  • Plug-in design for quick valve change-out
  • Manual Overrides: Locking or non-locking styles
  • Electrical Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 0.35 W
  • Protection class: Exceeds NEMA 6P ( IP 69K ) with covers
  • Indicator: LED per coil