Non Contact Transport Systems - NCT

Non Contact Transport Systems - NCT - advantages at a glance

  • Lifts objects that vacuum cups cannot – such as porous or very rough
  • Offers alternative to grippers for sensitive objects
  • Maintenance free – no moving parts
  • Polymer version available for food and packaging applications
  • No separate vacuum generator required

Works where traditional vacuum doesn't

The AVENTICS NCT (Non-Contact Transport) units allow lifting of small objects without touching the surface. Airflow under the device creates a low pressure zone, and thus a lifting force (Bernoulli principle). NCTs work in applications where traditional vacuum cups will not, as vacuum cups require a sealing surface, and NCTs do not. For example, NCTs work with objects having porous or rough surfaces. No separate vacuum generator is required saving installation complexity.

NCTs are maintenance-free with a long life because they have no moving parts and contact is not required for lifting. NCTs are ideal for transporting highly sensitive objects such as those found in the electronics industry. Versions in aluminum (for general applications) or PEEK (engineering polymer for washdown/food and packaging applications) are available.

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Product Features:

  • Lifts objects without contacting their surface
  • Allows handling of sensitive components
  • Creates dynamic lifting force with positive airflow (Bernoulli principle)
  • Provides handling solution where vacuum cups or grippers are not suitable
  • Ideal for porous, rough, dirty or sensitive surfaces
  • Lifting force of up to 2 lbs., which can be extended by using multiple units in an assembly
  • Four sizes available: 20, 30, 40 and 60mm diameters
  • Aluminum version (NCT-AL), plus high-grade polymer (PEEK) version NCT-PK for food & beverage applications