Mini Slides - ZSC

Mini Slides - ZSC - advantages at a glance

  • Space saving, low profile design
  • Variable stroke adjustment on both ends for faster commissioning
  • Flexible mounting - top or front
  • Precise movement

Double-acting pneumatic slides - compact and efficient

The AVENTICS ZSC series of double-acting pneumatic slides have a unique placement of a ball rail system between the twin piston rods. The result is a very flat, low mount/low weight guide with high parallelism between the rail system and the piston rods. The variable stroke adjustment (on both ends) for different stroke lengths allows for faster, more flexible commissioning. The ZSC can be a component in the AVENTICS Easy-2-Combine pneumatic automation handling system with the use of a connection kit.

Product Features:

  • Bore sizes 6, 10, 16, 20 and 25mm
  • Strokes from 10mm to 100mm
  • Top or front mounting options
  • Rubber bumpers for cushioning
  • AVENTICS Easy-2-Combine capable with connection kit
  • Standard magnetic piston for position sensing
  • Optional shock absorber
  • Corrosion resistant, aluminum and stainless steel construction
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