Mini Slides (Compact) - MSC

Mini Slides (Compact) - MSC - advantages at a glance

  • Maximum stability and reliable precision
  • Optimal drive force and functionality within a small cross-section
  • Maximum bearing capacity
  • Variable stroke adjustment for faster commissioning
  • Sensors, stroke setting, and air connections can be installed on both sides

high load, smooth movement

The AVENTICS MSC (Mini Slides-Compact) series of pneumatic slides offer a modular concept, giving the user freedom of choice to custom configure a component for specific applications. The online configurator lets the user customize a slide for a specific solution with choices such as: high or medium performance design; bore/stroke; pneumatic, hydraulic, elastic or elastic with metal end stop cushioning, etc.  The MSC features very high torque absorption and maximum stability in a maintenance-friendly design. The slides are weight optimized and feature a small size, but high performance.  The air connection, sensor mounting, and stroke setting on the same side for easier installation. The variable stroke adjustment for different stroke lengths for each individual unit allows for faster, more flexible commissioning. Most models can be a component in the AVENTICS Easy-2-Combine pneumatic automation handling system.

Product Features:

  • Integrated sensor grooves
  • One-piece slide table for maximum rigidity and high precision
  • Confurable online for custom design to specific application
  • Most models are AVENTICS Easy-2-Combine capable
  • Most models have standard magnetic piston for position sensing
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