Pneumatic Automation Products

Guided Precision Cylinders - GPC

Choice of ball bearing or slide bearing for precision vs. economy. Five versions for tailoring to your application. Makes a 2-axis system without an adapter plate. Reduces need for external guides in machinery.

Mini Slides (Compact) - MSC

Maximum stability and reliable precision. Optimal drive force and functionality within a small cross-section. Maximum bearing capacity. Variable stroke adjustment for faster commissioning. Sensors, stroke setting, and air connections can be installed on both sides.

Non Contact Transport Systems - NCT

Non Contact Transport Systems - NCT

Lifts objects that vacuum cups cannot – such as porous or very rough. Offers alternative to grippers for sensitive objects. Maintenance free – no moving parts. Polymer version available for food and packaging applications. No separate vacuum generator required.

Vacuum Components

Wide selection of suction cup styles and materials. Wide range of vacuum generators. Many vacuum accessories to complete the installation.

Gripper, UPG series

Move difficult-to-grip or extremely sensitive work pieces with AVENTICS vacuum and gripper technology.

Vane Rotary Actuators, Series RAK

The AVENTICS RAK, vane type, single-axis pneumatic rotary actuators feature torque values from 0.13 Nm (0.1 lb-ft) to 81.4 Nm (60 lb-ft). Rotation angles are from 30° to 275°. Available options include external position sensor, flange mounting, foot mounting, and for select versions, external hydraulic shock absorbers.

Mini Slides - ZSC

The AVENTICS ZSC series of double-acting pneumatic slides have a unique placement of a ball rail system between the twin piston rods. The result is a very flat, low mount/low weight guide with high parallelism between the rail system and the piston rods.

Rotary Modules - RCM

Double piston and rack design for high torque capability. Emerson's AVENTICS Easy-2-Combine automation system capable. Rotation angles with fine adjustment feature for installation flexibility.

Automation System Easy-2-Combine

Easily build custom multi-axis small handling systems from standard components. Most items combine together without adapter plates. End of stroke adjustments for simplified commissioning. Online tools for sizing and selecting components for custom systems.

Guided Slide Units - GSU

Low, optimized height for space savings. Emerson's AVENTICS Easy-2-Combine system capable. Air connection on one or both sides for installation flexibility. Variable stroke setting for faster machine commissioning. Speeds up to 4.9 feet/second.