"E" Type Positioners

"E" Type Positioners - advantages at a glance

  • Rugged construction
  • Rolling diaphragm actuation for accurate positioning and sensitive, low-hysteresis control.
  • Control signal range 10 to 60 psi (0.69 to 4.14 bar) idle to full

Heavy duty, long life

The “E” Type Model 12E Diaphragm Linear Positioner is the most powerful of the diaphragm positioners. The diaphragm’s low friction and sensitive action, a relative long stroke and the constant area of a cylinder enable the “E” Type to handle heavier force positioning applications with accuracy. The 12E force rating is 4,500 inch-lb. degrees (508m-N). They can be mounted using the 3-point mountings pad or integral rabbet style mounting holes in the head.

Product Features:

  • Most powerful of the diaphragm positioners
  • Spring Returned - Linear Motion
  • Stroke of 2"
  • Force rating of 4500 inch-lb. degrees or 36 lbs. thru 2"
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