AA Type Actuators

AA Type Actuators - advantages at a glance

  • Sturdy Cast Aluminum Construction
  • High Output Force
  • Close Fitting Bearings with Grease Fitting for Long Life
  • Single and Two Direction Models Available
  • Diaphragm Sensing Element for Accurate Positioning

Heavy duty, long life

The AA Type actuators are the most powerful of the diaphragm-lever type positioners, with a force rating of 1125 inch-lb-degrees.  The AA Types are made in both Single (AA-1 and BA-1) and Two-Direction (AB-1) models.  The AA Type are all easily mounted and take up a moderate amount of space.

Product Features:

  • Powerful diaphragm-lever type radial actuator positioner
  • Force rating of 1125 inch-lb-degree
  • AA-1 basic model
  • AB-1 model with stop cylinder
  • BA-1 model with vernier feature for exact positioning and very fine control
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