Mobile & Oilfield Actuators & Positioners

Two direction Positioners (Small and Large Bore)

An infinite positioning device that is controlled by a graduating control valve such as the H Controlair, M+ Pressure Control Valve or Flexair Valve. The Small Bore Positioner is a compact low-sensitivity infinite positioning device. The Large Bore Positioner offers accurate low-hysteresis infinite positioning with various mounts available.

"E" Type Positioners

The most powerful of the diaphragm positioners. The diaphragm’s low friction and sensitive action, a relative long stroke and the constant area of a cylinder enable the “E” Type to handle heavier force positioning applications with accuracy. The 12E force rating is 4,500 inch-lb. degrees (508m-N).

AA Type Actuators

The AA Type actuators are the most powerful of the diaphragm-lever type positioners, with a force rating of 1125 inch-lb-degrees. The AA Types are made in both Single (AA-1 and BA-1) and Two-Direction (AB-1) models. The AA Type are all easily mounted and take up a moderate amount of space.

A-2-H Actuators

Has the lowest power rating: 410 in-lb-degrees (46 m-N); this compares with the small “C” Type Linear Positioner of 650 in-lb-degrees (73 m-N), but has better accuracy due to the low-friction characteristics of its diaphragm operation. Nominal stroke of 2”, adjustable from 1 7/8” to 2 1/4” (50.8mm, adjustable from 47.6 to 57.2).

"C" Type Linear Positioners

The smallest and most economical of the positioners. They are linear piston type, with force characteristics of 650 inch-lb-degrees (73 m-N) and 1400 inch-lb-degrees (158 m-N). The “C” Type have integral female clevises for easy mounting.