Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Control Valve, Series EV07

Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Control Valve, Series EV07 - advantages at a glance

  • Excellent hysteresis for precise control
  • High flow capacity
  • Variety of inputs for flexibility

Precision regulators

The AVENTICS EV07 is a solenoid pilot controlled, analog version electro-pneumatic pressure control valve (E/P pressure converter) with a high flow (up to 28.2 SCFM) and a hysteresis of less than 0.5 psi. An E/P delivers a proportional pneumatic pressure to an analog signal.

Product Features:

  • Output range from 1 to 87 psi (0.1 to 6 bar) or 2 to 145 psi (0.15 to 10 bar)
  • Input range from 0-10vdc, 0-20mA, or Potentiometer
  • 28.2 SCFM (800 l/min) flow capacity
  • ISO G 1/4 ports
  • 0.5 psi (0.3 bar) hysteresis
  • Analog feedback signal standard (except for Potentiometer input)
  • Operates on 24vdc
  • NEMA 4 rating
  • Popular for clutch and throttle control on marine propulsion systems
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