Electro-Pneumatic Positioning System, Series EPPS

Electro-Pneumatic Positioning System, Series EPPS - advantages at a glance

  • Uses pressure control for precise, smooth positioning
  • Faster delivery due to use of standard components
  • Eliminates “dithering“ problem associated with traditional pneumatic positioning

Better positioning through pressure control

Unlike most pneumatic positioning systems on the market, which control the position of the actuator with directional flow, AVENTICS utilizes our expertise in direct acting proportional pressure regulators. This principle of operation can be applied equally well in both piston rod and rodless pneumatic cylinders in a considerable range of bore sizes and strokes. The EPPS system uses a simple analog command for stroke set-point (0-10vdc and 4-20mA standard). With the EPPS you get 100% duty cycle, so you don’t have to worry about overheating due to cycle rates compared with electro-mechanical postioning.

The EPPS system can use standard AVENTICS E/PS such as the ED02, ED05, ED07 or ED12. These E/Ps range from 3.53 to 91.8 SCFM flow capacity.

A wide variety of cylinders can be used in an EPPS system, including: ISO 15552 PRA, TRB and ITS cylinders, TaskMaster® NFPA aluminum cylinders, and RTC rodless cylinders.

The EPPS system uses the AVENTICS Position Controller (EPPC) which allows easy set-up and is field adjustable, with 12 bit resolution. No programming is required. A single part number for the EPPC covers all configurations.

The sensors used in the EPPS system are the AVENTICS SM6 and SM6-AL, with relative precision of 0.06% of full scale, and feature a user-teachable measurement range.

Product Features:

  • System offered in a variety of actuators, both piston rod and rodless cylinders
  • Externally mounted sensor eliminates the need for gun drilled piston rod
  • Proportional pressure control - not flow control
  • Simple analog command for stroke set-point
  • 0-10Vdc & 4-20mA standard
  • 100% duty cycle (No worries about cycle rate and overheating)
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