Pneumatic Direction Control Valves, "A" Pilotair®

Pneumatic Direction Control Valves, "A" Pilotair® - advantages at a glance

  • Panel-mount or block-type for application flexibility
  • Heavy duty, industry proven and preferred
  • Pressure up to 250 psi
  • Fast response
  • Tolerant of contaminated air

Heavy duty, industry proven

The AVENTICS “A” Pilotair® Valves are block-type and panel-mounted poppet-type directional valves which open, close or vent an air circuit.  The poppet-type directional valve is ideal for frequent usage because of its ease of operation.  This valve line makes maximum use of high production parts which are interchangeable throughout this product line as well as providing interchangeability of parts with the poppets in our Controlair® and Flexair® Valve product lines.  A definite advantage is gained when all of these products are used in the same application.

Product Features:

  • Pneumatic Directional Valve 1/4" port size
  • Cv 1.0
  • Three way, four way and multiple three way functions