Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches - advantages at a glance

  • Series PE5 is AVENTICS's most versatile series of electronic vacuum and pressure switches
  • PE5 Pressure ranges from full vacuum to 145 psi
  • PM1 multiple pressure ranges from -13 to 232 psi are available

Monitor pneumatic system status

AVENTICS offers electrical (reed contact) and electronic (piezoresistive) pressure sensors for monitoring of pneumatic system status. Our PE5 is our most versatile pressure sensor yet, offering a host of user-selectable options through its on-screen menu. PM1 mechanical pressure sensors are available in flange-mount versions designed for direct coupling to filters, regulators and lubricators (FRLs) without the need for fittings.

Product Features:

  • Each PE5 unit includes two outputs for maximum functionality
  • Series PM1 is AVENTICS's core series of mechanical contact electrical pressure switches
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