Air Line Devices / FRL's



An Antifreezer is a simple device; a small container of methyl alcohol with a large, porous wick extending up into the air stream. The alcohol evaporates and combines with the wate vapor that is inherent in all pneumatic systems.

Filter, Pressure Regulators, Lubricators

Our wide range of FRLs lets you choose either NPT or ISO-G (BSPP) ports. Combination units are available from 1/8” to 1” ports, and filters, coalescing filters and regulators available from 1/8” to 1” ports and larger.

Drain Valves

The pneumatically operated PD-2 & PD-4 Automatic Drain Valves drain accumulated moisture, dirt and pipe scale from the bottom of a reservoir. The valve can be operated with air pressure from 50 to 250 psi. All ports are tapped ¼ inch NPT.

Lockout Valves

These heavy duty lockout valves, when installed at the supply point of a circuit, can be padlocked to ensure the isolation of pneumatic energy during service. The valves help users meet OSHA requirements for a safe work environment.

Precision Regulators

Assures uniform air pressure in standard pneumatic circuits. This three-way, self-relieving valve is versatile in its application and method of mounting. Choose from a complete line of sizes, pressure ranges and manual adjustors.

Pressure Switches

Offering electrical (reed contact) and electronic (piezoresistive) pressure sensors for monitoring of pneumatic system status. PE5 is our most versatile pressure sensor. PM1 mechanical pressure sensors available in flange-mount versions designed for direct coupling to filters, regulators and lubricators without the need for fittings.