TaskMaster® (TM5) NFPA Aluminum Cylinders

TaskMaster® (TM5) NFPA Aluminum Cylinders - advantages at a glance

  • Rugged, non-corroding aluminum tubing
  • Sturdy Chrome-plated carbon steel piston rod
  • Magnetic piston standard feature for discrete and full stroke position sensing
  • Ideal cushioning system
  • Integrated Easy-to-use online tools

NFPA compatible, industry proven

The TaskMaster® cylinder have been the standard in the industry for over 50 years with their smooth, extruded aluminum design. The line has two distinct model choices – Profile and Tie-rod both of which are NFPA compatible. Features include standard magnetic piston, idea cushioning, and a wide range of mounting accessories.

Product Features:

  • NFPA compatible, lightweight aluminum cylinders
  • Bore sizes 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, 3.25”, 4.0” available in extruded aluminum profile design or a stainless-steel tie-rod and aluminum tube design.
  • Operating air pressures: 20 psi to 145 psi.
  • Operating temperature range of -10°F to 160°F.
  • Ideal cushioning system for higher loads and lower cycle time with reduced noise and vibration as standard.
  • Magnetic piston is standard for all bore sizes.
  • Options that are available include:
      - Transducer for full stroke positioning
      - Position sensors for discrete position sensing
      - Variety of rod end accessories
      - Fourteen popular NFPA mounting options, MS4 mounting taps optional


Factory Automation:
15 NFPA mounting options provide flexibility in getting the right interface for your machine. Light weight and robust design makes it easy to incorporate into many factory automation applications.

Ideal cushioning technology provides longer lifetimes in punishing applications and allows for shorter cycle time, improving throughput.

Secondary packaging:
Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum tube, chrome platted piston rod, making Taskmaster a smart choice for packaging and palatizing applications.

Ideal cushioning system:

The ideal cushioning system is a combination of technologies that allows for moving higher loads in less time without sacrificing longevity.  Some of these technologies include: ultra-fine cushion screw adjustment, flow optimized cushion channels in head and cap, and an elastic bumpers for residual energy absorption.

Supersedes previous designs

The newly designed TaskMaster (TM5) cylinder series replaces prior models including TaskMaster (TM1 / TM8).

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