PressureMaster® NFPA (High Pressure Hydraulic)


PressureMaster® NFPA (High Pressure Hydraulic) - advantages at a glance

  • Meet or exceed all J.I.C. and NFPA requirements
  • Three day delivery program for Preferred Standard cylinders via Quick Ship
  • Online configurator and 2D/3D CAD drawings
  • Extra-long rod bearing provides for maximum support against side-loads
  • Self-aligning cushion design
  • Design a cylinder using AVENTICS online configurator

Product Features:

  • Pressure Rating: 3000 psi/5000 psi non-shock
  • Piston Rod Diameter: 5/8" through 8"
  • Standard Mountings: 22
  • Bore Sizes: 1½" through 14" (some limitations apply for 14", contact factory for details)
  • Temperature Range: -65ºF to +200ºF ambient for standard Buna-N rod seals: -15ºF to +400ºF when fluorocarbon seals are used.
  • SAE ports standard. Options: BSPP and ISO 6149-1
  • Rod End Threads: Standard male and female straight thread; plus optional male thread sizes.
  • Cushioning available in all bore sizes, and at either or both ends.
  • Piston Rods: Case hardened 50-55 Rockwell "C", chrome-plated and finished to 15 microinches or better.
  • Tie Rods: High-tensile, 1144 STRESSPROOF steel torqued at factory to standard specifications and secured by self-locking nuts.
  • Honed steel cylinder tubing. Resists external damage.
  • Also see PowerMaster® pneumatic and medium-pressure hydraulic cylinders.

Engineered NFPA Cylinder Solutions

- Transducer ready or transducer supplied (SSI, PWM, Start-Stop, Serial Bus, etc.)

- Water service

- Tandem cylinders

- DO3 or DO5 valve pads

- Round retainer plate

- Seals: low friction, high/low temperature

- MT4 trunnions welded to the tube

- Dual piston cylinders

- Cylinders with stop tubes

- Special porting