Marine Pneumatics, Heavy-Duty Marine Controls

Heavy-Duty Marine Controls - advantages at a glance

Pneumatic ib
  • Robust
  • Dependable

Heavy duty, industry proven

Our Heavy-Duty pneumatic controls are our traditional devices that feature very robust designs that have been proven with decades of dependable service.

Product Features:

  • Marine Controlair® and H-Controlair® pressure graduating valves typically used for clutch and speed controls. These valves feature 1/4" NPT ports for high flow capacity, metal-to-metal valve seats for very low hysteresis, and heat-treated steel cams for extremely long service life. The marine versions of these valves also have chrome plated bronze cam housings and handles for improved appearance and additional corrosion resistance.
  • A-Pilotair® and D-Pilotair® directional control valves for station transfer, shaft brake actuation, large clutch fill, and interlock functions.
  • LogicMaster® and GearMaster® timing and sequence controls for clutch fill, engagement and power boost timing, and interlock logic.
  • AA and A-2-H Actuators for accurate, high force pneumatic actuation of mechanical engine governor / speed control levers.
  • Three Position Cylinders for ahead, neutral, and astern gear position lever actuation.