Marine Pneumatics, GEARMASTER®

GEARMASTER® - advantages at a glance

  • Compact size - simplified installation
  • Simplicity - minimum number of components
  • Serviceability - manifold mounted components
  • Service proven - components and control circuit

Heavy duty, industry proven

GEARMASTER® Controls incorporate the necessary interlock and protective circuits for proper engine and reverse gear operation without relying on operator  judgement to time or anticipate proplusion machinery functions. With GEARMASTER® controls, the propulsion machinery responds to maneuvering demands without wear or damage from high speed clutch engagement or engine stalling.

Product Features:

  • Engine and hydraulic reverse gear operation
  • Interlock and protective circuits
  • Enhanced performance, service proven pneumatic components
  • Manifolding assembly minimizes piping & potential leakage
  • Timed reverse interlocks
  • Clutch engagement/throttle interlock
  • Controlled engine acceleration
  • Shaft brake timing