Electronic Propulsion Controls - Marex AMC Compact

Marex AMC Compact – your advantages

Marex AMC Compact from AVENTICS – efficient and compact
  • Classified for commercial shipping and offshore applications
  • Monitoring and display of binary signals, as well as watch cabin units with engineer call function
  • Fail-safe and low-maintenance

Marex AMC Compact: efficient and compact – for safety on board

Marex AMC Compact enables the receipt and display of purely binary signals. LED panels with freely configurable texts are available for display. The safety system is easy to integrate into control cabinets.

Suitable for many applications:

  •  Safety system
  •  Alarm system
  •  Monitoring system
  •  Watch cabin unit with engineering call function
  •  Start-stop system for diesel engines

Compact system with small dimensions

As one of the most compact systems on the market, the Marex AMC Compact features stackable modules whose size corresponds to the standard dimension for control cabinet installations. Its EPROM memory can be exchanged easily and customized on-site. Programming is performed with a customary burner.

Its serial line architecture allows for distances of up to 2,000 m between the components without any special cable requirements. This reduces costs and enables re-use of cables, e.g. for a retrofit.

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