Universal maintenance unit, Series NLC - inch

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Universal maintenance unit, Series NLC - inch
Version  1-part
Parts  Pressure regulator, Filter, Lubricator
Mounting orientation  vertical
Working pressure min./max.  8 ... 232 psi
Ambient temperature min./max.  14 ... 140 °F
Medium temperature min./max.  14 ... 140 °F
Medium  Compressed air Neutral gases
Regulator type  Diaphragm-type pressure regulator
Regulator function  with relieving air exhaust
Adjustment range min./max.  8 ... 145 psi
Pressure supply  single
Filter element  exchangeable
Condensate drain  semi-automatic, open without pressure
Type of filling  Manual oil filling
Weight  See table below
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Universal maintenance unit, Series NLC - inch

Technical data

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Frame size Port Flow Filter reservoir volume Lubricator reservoir volume Condensate drain Weight Part No.
Nominal flow Qn with secondary pressure p2 = 87 psi at Δp = 14.5 psi

Technical information