Sensors, Series ST4-2P

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  • 4 mm T-slot
  • number of switching points 2
  • with cable
  • Plug, M8x1, 4-pin, with knurled screw
  • electronic PNP
  • 2 switching points
  • electronic PNP
  • Direct mounting for series PRA, SSI, RTC, GPC, MSC, MSN, RCM, CVI
  • Indirect mounting for series MNI, CSL-RD, ICM
Sensors, Series ST4-2P
Certificates  RoHS
Ambient temperature min./max.  -4 ... 167 °F
Protection class  IP67
number of switching points  2
Power consumption  <15 mA
Min./max. DC operating voltage  12 ... 30 V DC
Repetitive precision max. measuring range  0,1 mT
Hysteresis  1 mT
Switching logic  NO (make contact)
Display  LED
LED status display  Yellow
Display  2 LED
Vibration resistance  10 - 55 Hz, 1 mm
Shock resistance  30 g / 11 ms
Cable length L  0.984 ft.
Mounting screw  with hexagon socket
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Sensors, Series ST4-2P

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