5/2-directional valve, Series 740

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  • Qn = 0.711-0.965 Cv
  • Compressed air connection output Ø 8x1 Ø 10x1
  • double air pilot
  • Pipe connection
  • Can be assembled into blocks
  • Manual override with detent
  • suitable for ATEX
5/2-directional valve, Series 740
Version  Diaphragm poppet valve
Activation  pneumatically
Pilot  Internal
Sealing principle  Soft sealing
Blocking principle  Single base plate principle Plate principle
Working pressure min./max.  22 ... 145 psi
Ambient temperature min./max.  5 ... 140 °F
Medium temperature min./max.  5 ... 140 °F
Medium  Compressed air
Max. particle size  50 µm
Oil content of compressed air  0 ... 5 mg/m³
Mounting on manifold strip  PRS strip
Weight  0.507 lbs
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5/2-directional valve, Series 740

Technical data

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Compressed air connection Compressed air connection Compressed air connection Compressed air connection Flow Throttle Part No.
Input Output Exhaust Pilot control exhaust Qn
Nominal flow Qn at p1 = 91.35 psi and Δp = 14.5 psi

Technical information