Machine Safety

Machine Safety Advantages with AVENTICS

  • Proven expertise thanks to many years of experience in equipping machines and systems in line with standards
  • Products including complete documentation with our reliability ratings
  • Free access to IFA-rated switching examples 
  • Safety-related pneumatic components in certified quality

Request a Machine Safety Manual

The best safeguard: machine safety that prevents accidents

Preventive measures against accidents by designing safe machines are defined by standards and regulations for every production machine. AVENTICS helps you to implement these guidelines and standards and features a wide range of products with all relevant certificates.

AVENTICS, your experienced partner: We provide consulting for all things machine safety in pneumatic control technology, offer comprehensive service in defining safety concepts, and have all the right products with the required documents.

“Machine Safety Expertise for Pneumatics” manual available

We at AVENTICS have developed a forty-eight page manual to help you protect your people, machines and property through better knowledge of how to take advantage of safety-related pneumatic systems and components. The guide covers key topics in the implementation of relevant directives and standards for safety-related pneumatics by using examples, circuit diagrams, discussing hazards and risks (estimate – assess – eliminate), diagnostics, definitions – and product selection suggestions. Request a download of this very informative guide.

Circuit example for safe exhaust

The basic valve position depressurizes the system. Redundant safe exhaust is guaranteed via two exhaust pathways:

  • Via non-return valves 2V2 and 2V3 and directional valve 2V1 (observe minimum opening pressure of the non-return valves)
  • Via directional valve 1V
  • Valve 2V1 must be actuated to extend and retract the cylinder.

Safe exhaust

Design features:

Basic and well-tried safety principles are met for all relevant components. The directional valves comply with the quiescent current principle and have sufficient positive overlap. The non-return valves must be engineered to assume an open state, even with failure, to safely exhaust the cylinder chambers. The switching valve function of 1V and 2V1 is periodically checked by querying the cylinder position switches 1S1 and 1S2 and the pressure switch 2S.

A block diagram is created from the circuit diagram.

ave maschinensicherheit 27

The components are arranged

  • in series when the components work together to execute a function.
  • in parallel “channels” if they perform the function independently (redundant).
  • There are monitoring elements in addition to the functional block diagram.
  • Drive-related hazards are not taken into account.
Engineering Tools

Easily download SISTEMA data set libraries (including certificates)

AVENTICS is synonymous with fast, straightforward support in all aspects of machine safety. This also applies to calculating the performance level (PL) as part of the risk assessment to be conducted for every machine. Design engineers and machine manufacturers have constant access to safety parameter libraries for AVENTICS components in the SISTEMA database format, including certificates. Complete the form quickly and easily and request download. We will notify you via email if parameters are changed at a later date.

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