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Electrically Actuated Pneumatic Cylinders Cut Setup Times

Producing complex parts from wood, composite, and aluminum blanks is a challenge, especially in small batches. During machining or cutting, the material is supported on a pin table that must accommodate many different positions with various geometries on the same machine.

Pneumatics Boost Productivity

Doroti and Aventics have a long-lasting business relationship, with a proven track record of efficient, durable packaging machines as a result. In addition, the need for preventive maintenance by the end-user has been minimal thanks to the reliability of the pneumatic components and other measures taken by the OEM.

More Than Just Air

Smart valves make machine communication faster, easier, and less expensive to accomplish. The automation industry is rapidly introducing and mainstreaming many production systems aligned with concepts for the internet of things (IoT)—intelligent, networked production systems, and components.

High-End Paper Production: Coating System Uses Pneumatic Control

In the age of digitization, printed materials continue to face new challenges. Today, virtually personalized media tailored to individual users' behavior are in demand, along with the special machines to produce them. Matti Technology offers such a solution with its ultra-precise coating system designed for paper finishing.

Fresh, optimized air with electro-pneumatics

Vienna General Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Europe. Their energy consumption reflects this – comparable to that of a medium-sized city. Read more on how AVENTICS created a custom solution for their air conditioning unit.

Shot Blasting Systems Increase Productivity with AV Valves

Automobile manufacturers use shot blasting for metallic components, such as engine, chassis, and transmission parts that are subjected to high levels of stress. With the AV family, the spool is arranged diagonally in the valve housing, reducing the volume of the valve.

Fieldbus vs. Conventional Wiring

Communication is everything. By means of fieldbus connections or valve systems, each can be directly integrated into the control structure of your machine. But which is better,  fieldbus or conventional wiring?

Pressure Wash-Down Pneumatic Valves are Improving Machines

In wash-down environments, CL03 pneumatic valves offer cost savings by eliminating the need for a control cabinet, plus energy savings and reduced cycle times by allowing valves to be located closer to actuators. 

Making Heavy Weights Step Aside with Pneumatics

With its new RTC-TD pneumatic drive, AVENTICS has developed an extremely efficient solution for train manufacturers that allow even people without any training at all to quickly and easily open the train doors in emergency situations.

Pneumatic Safety Technology for Packaging Applications

The widespread use of pneumatics technology for packaging machines—to drive motion and actuate machine sequences—has garnered more interest by machine designers and end users as to how pneumatics can improve safety and safe operating functionality in their equipment.

5D: Movies Under Water

Audience members are immersed in a flooded theater. This could be the new 5D movie experience, made possible by pneumatics. This new theater experience involves the audience being shown powerful illusionistic effects.

Compact Valves Go Big on Performance

EPC valves are also a valuable tool in achieving energy savings of approximately 20% due to reduced air consumption in your applications. Integrating various functions into a single component, with the precise control of an EPC valve you can achieve free selection of pressure, adjustable force and speed, and application-specific pressure profiles.

Transforming Air and Light into Art

The cylinders are actuated by the Aventics ES05 valves, connected via parallel wiring to a computer that’s running a program developed by the artist to generate the visual display.

Time-Honored Process Embraces Food-Safe Pneumatics

Most everyone who enjoys a good bowl of pasta is familiar with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Grana Padano, the well-known Italian cheese varieties famous around the world. Most people are less aware, however, that crafting these products involves back-breaking manual work.

The Bernoulli Effect is Helping this Company with Cookie Handling

When the NCT lifts objects without touching the object, what may appear to be magic actually works according Bernoulli principle. The pressure in a flowing fluid decreases as the flow rate increases. The total energy of a steady flow remains constant for the entire flow path.

Enhancing Sawmill Performance with "Ideally" Cushion Technology

Pneumatics technology continues to be a valuable player in many types of industrial automation applications. When OEMs need reliable components, a compact design and low-maintenance technology to actuate machinery, pneumatics can be trusted to deliver steadfast and long-lasting operation even in very difficult and “dirty” environments.

Measuring Marine Tank Fluid Levels with Pneumatics

In virtually all working vessels, from ferries to commercial trawlers, maintaining reliable and accurate fluid-level measurements of these tanks is important: A fluid-level measuring system or sounding system is used to determine how much fuel or potable water there is on board a ship; how much fluid there is in a storage facility; or even the ship's draft.

Products that meet ISO Standard 5599-1

To ensure that quality is not compromised, standards have been established to help organizations function and give customers the assurance of the quality products.

Ceramic Air Valves Work Every Time

One of the many features of the Ceram valve is a service life that exceeds 150 million cycles. The end result is fewer air valve failures, less replacement costs, reduced downtime and higher productivity. This case study shows the Ceram in action and how it is preventing maintenance. 

Positioning With Air: Electro vs. Pneumatic

In electromechanical systems, linear devices (e.g., profiled rails, ball screws, and linear modules driven by electric motors) lift, move, and place components. These systems can provide excellent positioning accuracy.



Pneumatic Safety for Truck-Mounted Forklifts

With truck-mounted forklifts, truck drivers no longer have to wait for the customer to provide a means of transportation; they are able to complete more loading processes each day.