Efficient compressed air applications

Advantages of energy efficiency:

Highly efficient pneumatic application - the key to increase productivity
  • Avoiding dead volumes
  • Optimized compressed air consumption
  • Reducing energy losses in lines
  • Better production efficiency

Highly efficient compressed air applications – your key to increased productivity

Rising energy prices, increasing demands made on production efficiency: In most industries today, these factors are crucial challenges. In the area of compressed air applications, AVENTICS offers solutions that solve both tasks at the same time.
By optimizing all components and avoiding oversized compressed air reserves when configuring systems, we can save resources during operation. Your benefit? You can turn the “energy costs” dial to “ideal”.

Consultation – online and on site

Use our online tools to get an overview of your system's efficiency. We would be happy to provide you with personal consultation and analyze your optimization potential on site!

Efficient compressed air applications

Demand-based layout of compressed air systems from AVENTICS

Demand-based layout of compressed air systems

Avoiding oversized actuators is an essential factor for maximizing energy efficiency. The system layout can be exactly adapted to the requirements of the application to eliminate unnecessary effort. The possibility of adjusting the cushioning precisely also contributes to increased efficiency.

Reducing tubing lengths with AVENTICS

Reducing tubing lengths

Two measures that help to minimize flow loss and dead volumes are: reducing the lengths of the tubing used and optimizing their design, for example with regard to diameter.

Intelligent pressure control from AVENTICS

Intelligent pressure control

Use only the force that the application requires: electro-pneumatic (E/P) pressure control valves integrate the function of mechanical compressed air regulation in the system – with the corresponding positive effects on efficiency during operation.

Needs-based compressed air preparation

The right central compressed air preparation helps you to ensure that all applications operate with clean air, which will extend their service life. At the same time, this central solution prevents you from using too many filters. Strict adherence to maintenance intervals guarantees continuous and highly efficient operation.

Vacuum technology

State-of-the-art air-saving components enable vacuum generation near the point of use. In conjunction with reduced tubing volumes, further savings can be achieved.

Reducing leaks

The use of flow sensors enables the permanent detection and prompt elimination of leaks. This ensures optimum system operation and avoids unnecessary energy and pressure losses.

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