Packaging production

Packaging production – advantages at a glance:

Compressed air from AVENTICS in the food industry – savor clean solutions
  • Filter combination of 5-µm-Filter, 0,3-µm-prefilter, and 0,01-µm-microfilter optimizes compressed air quality.
  • Fulfills the highest demands in food processing
  • Diaphragm-type dryer can be used as an additional air dehumidifier
  • Optional active carbon filter reduces oil content to under 0,003 mg/m³
  • Drastic reduction of food product perishability

Compressed air in packaging machines: Savor clean solutions

Compressed air quality plays a major role in packaging food products. Demands and technical requirements are high. There are defined compressed air quality classes for different contaminants in the various application areas of the food and packaging industry. Accordingly, maintenance units must be designed depending on the application.
The example configuration of a compressed air preparation unit for a food production machine consists of a compressed air filter regulator and a 5 µm fine particulate filter. Depending on where and to what end the compressed air is being used (e.g. food zone), the AVENTICS solution adds special downstream filters. This means that the 5 µm filter is connected to a 0.3 µm prefilter followed by a 0.01 µm microfilter.
The result: This combination retains 99.99% of the solids, oils, and water transported by the compressed air. In addition, a diaphragm regulator acts as an air dehumidifier and reduces the pressure dew point along with the moisture content of the air. An additional active carbon filter also enables a reduction of oil content to under 0.003 mg/m³. 

A healthy attitude in every respect

Only if the compressed air quality is maintained can maximum food safety be guaranteed. Since humidity has begun playing a larger role, dried food products have even stricter requirements than non-dried ones. For an application, this can mean that aseptic filtration (if required) must be verified. AVENTICS offers a customizable solution here, too: A sterile filter reliably retains bacteria, prevents contamination of the food, and successfully reduces the perishability of food products.

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