Crust module

Crust module – advantages at a glance:

Crust breaking modules from AVENTICS – stable processes with optimal process monitoring
  • Stable process with optimal process monitoring
  • Considerably reduced emissions
  • Less wear on components
  • Reduced maintenance and downtimes
  • Reduced air consumption
  • Improved aluminum quality

Crust module for aluminum production: a high level of control in the production process

Background: During aluminum production, an approximately 10 cm-thick oxide layer, the crust, covers the molten metal in the furnace. In this process, a pneumatic shaft penetrates the crust, making a small hole to add new aluminum oxide.

The problem with conventional technology: The shaft is pressed into the molten metal until it reaches its end position and wears prematurely through the unnecessarily long contact with the molten metal. Furthermore, there is no way to ensure whether the crust has been penetrated. If it is simply dented, the metered aluminum oxide stays on the surface, causing an imbalance in the oven and thus an irregular production process, as well as an elevated emission of perfluorocarbons (PFC) that contribute to greenhouse gases.

A revolutionary technology can help: the AVENTICS System Optimizer. Using our patented System Optimizer drastically reduces faulty cycles in the production process – and the furnace running costs, too.

A fiery advocate for environmental protection

The AVENTICS system's efficiency is based on considerably improved process control. This enables a more precise control of the production process as well as monitoring of what happens in the furnaces for the first time.

The operating mode: The system determines the electric potential of the melted aluminum. When the shaft penetrates the crust and impacts the molten metal, a signal is sent and the shaft is retracted immediately. This way, the aluminum oxide can be exactly metered and higher-quality primary aluminum can be produced.

In addition to process monitoring, the control system also documents the correct execution of all procedures.

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