Clip system

Sausage production – advantages at a glance:

Clip system from AVENTICS – quick casing changes and different filling densities
  • Pneumatic components with hygienic design
  • Reliable U clip technology
  • Quick casing changes and different filling density
  • Product sizes and lengths adjustable according to the application
  • Chemical resistance of pneumatic components

“Wurst”-case scenario

Strict hygiene directives apply in sausage production, especially concerning chemical resistance and water tightness. The clip system of one of our customers made the highest demands on our components. The universal system packages various different sausage types with diameters of 45 to 160 mm and works with a broad spectrum of plastic, fiber, and collagen tube-shaped casings. The hallmarks of the system are quick casing changes, different filling density, and reliable U clip technology.

Sausage production with AVENTICS pneumatic components – completely hygienic in every respect

Many of the required movements for filling and closing sausage products are powered by AVENTICS pneumatic cylinders. The “Quick Release”, a new swivel mechanism for the casing brake, allows for fast casing change without moving the clip head.

ICM series pneumatic mini cylinders from AVENTICS are made of stainless steel with extremely corrosion-resistant cylinder covers made of high-quality plastic and lock the casing brake and stuffing horn. To close the casing with clips, a cylinder actuates the clip pusher and an overload cylinder actuates the clip tool. The cylinders from the ICS-D2 series are corrosion-protected and consist of stainless steel.

Clean production – at 120 cycles a minute

An ICM cylinder then moves the knife that cuts through the casing. The required compressed air quality is controlled by series AS2 maintenance units. The exactly calibrated interaction of all components allows for up to 120 cycles a minute during production – making the SV4800 a long-lasting, extremely efficient and cost-effective system.

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