Pneumatics Applications

Hygienic design from AVENTICS – safe, clean, efficient

High-quality products are obligatory – practice is an extra. Products prove their worth in practical applications. We have first-rate expertise, particularly in hygienic design.

Clip system

A sausage manufacturer's clip system made the highest demands on our components in hygienic design. The positive result can be seen and tasted. 

Crust module

During aluminum production, an oxide layer several centimeters thick, the crust, covers the molten metal. This requires an extremely robust solution for daily use. 

Flexible packaging

For one of our customers, we worked in collaboration to develop a compact case packer specifically for packaging of stand-up pouches, which is very successful.

For liquid products

Packaging liquid products places maximum requirements on cleanliness. We worked in collaboration to develop an application-specific packaging system: a clean solution.

Small handling

Standardization and high flexibility at the same time: That's our Easy-2-Combine system solution. You have the advantage, because you can combine components in whichever way is most suitable for you.

Packaging production

For applications in the food and beverage industry, compressed air must be cleaned. We achieve up to 99.99% efficiency – always.

Tailor-made bottles

The beverage industry demands many different bottle sizes and shapes from day to day. AVENTICS supports it with flexible and modular PET blow molding machines.

AVENTICS pneumatics in practical applications – innovative technology with added value

At AVENTICS, you profit from our absolute focus on the customer. With partnerships on equal footing, we consistently fulfill your wishes with even faster response times and a maximum of cost-effectiveness.

Our applications prove that we can deliver on our promises. Our declared aim: To offer you measurable added value with innovative technological solutions – tailored specifically to your individual requirements.

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