Wood, Paper & Printing

Wood, Paper & Printing - advantages at a glance

  • Wide variety of pneumatic solutions
  • Modern, energy efficient components
  • Durable, long-lasting products

From Logs to Paper – Manufacturing the components the Pulp and Paper industry requires

For years, AVENTICS has not only followed the development of the pulp and paper industry, but have actively participated in it, by cooperating with companies that are leaders in the fields. We have also made our own contributions, especially in the area of valve and cylinder technology.

For wood handling, chipping and grinding, robust components are required that can withstand an outdoor environment. AVENTICS has cylinders with reinforced scrapers in metal. For fiber lines, wet ends and coating operations, products are needed that can take dampness, heat and washing. Here you can select components with acid-proof material in the exposed parts, for example, pneumatic cylinders with special scrapers and high temperature seals, and flow control valves as well as pneumatic manual and mechanically actuated valves for high temperature applications. In sawmills, our cylinders utilizing AVENTICS Ideal Cushioning routinely reduce machine cycle times dramatically.

In the drying section of paper machines - in reeling, winding and packing operations - it is preferable to use components that are adapted for heavy engineering applications. In our extensive product portfolio, you will find components in different versions and with different specifications, for example, tie-rod cylinders and profile cylinders, reinforced scrapers, cylinders with or without piston rods, rotary actuators and vacuum components.

To control such components, it is important to ensure that they work together as integrated system. At AVENTICS, you will find a complete range, with everything from FRLs for preparation of compressed air, a protection class of up to IP 67 (NEMA 6) and a variety of valve sizes, to electro-pneumatic converters and positioners for process valve regulation, and systems for two-wire communication.

Pneumatic solutions for the Printing and Converting Industries

AVENTICS pneumatic components play an important role in all automated printing and paper industry processes. From valves, cylinders, control units to handling systems, AVENTICS products ensure reliable and consistent quality results. If you are a commercial, publications, newspaper, packaging, or label printer look at AVENTICS products when consistent and reliable products are needed in your production cycle. Printing companies today using either Flexography, Offset, Gravure,or the Digital printing process look to the AVENTICS name and products for reliability, reduction in down times and faster make readies. If you are a Converting company, you will also experience the same quality and performance using AVENTICS components in your laminating, die cutting, coating, folding, embossing and other related converting operations. From Pre-press to Post Press operations, we are the only automation partner to offer electric drive and controls systems, pneumatics, linear motion technology, assembly systems and world wide sales and service, all from a single source.

With our library of experience and knowledge working both with the leading press manufacturers and printers around the world, we are in an excellent position to solve your many needs and answer the many questions that arise in your daily functions. Put your trust in AVENTICS and let us show you how we may improve on your day to day production operations.

Featured Products for Wood, Paper & Printing


Ceram™ Pneumatic Directional Control Valves

In all phases of pulp and paper production, one of the most predominate products we provide is the Ceram air valve. The first valve to utilize sliding ceramic plates for basic sealing functions, the AVENTICS ISO 5599-1 Ceram has become the standard valve for many companies in the industry. The ceramic plates allow the valve to withstand harsh environments and typical "less than perfect" compressed air conditions.


Series 581 Pneumatic Directional Control Valves

The AVENTICS ISO 5599-1 Series 581 air valves are routinely combined with our cylinders that feature Ideal Cushioning capability (like TRB and PRA cylinders) in sawmills and other wood industry applications to reduce cycle times of bin sorters, trim saws, waste gates, etc.


Series PRA & TRB ISO 15552 Pneumatic Cylinders

The robust PRA (profile version) and TRB (tie rod version) air cylinders are aluminum bodied cylinders that feature AVENTICS Ideal Cushioning. The optimized weight and superior cushioning helps lower cycle times in sawmills and other wood industry applications such as bin sorters, trim saws, waste gates, etc. Often replacing steel cylinders, they have cut cycle times by up to 35%.


Series AV Valves

More modular, smaller and simpler, AVENTICS AV (Advanced Valve) System is perfect for every situation, from the diagonal spool design to the flexible base plate system. Designed for optimized compressed air balance, compared to existing products, the AV03/AV05 offers 45 percent space savings, 40 percent less weight and 20 percent less compressed air consumption.

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