Railway Technology

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  • More than 140 years of expertise regarding Railway Technology
  • Tailor made products for the Rail environment
  • Proven and up-to date pneumatic products
  • Service available in most countries

      Pneumatic and electronic solutions

      AVENTICS has decades of experience in transportation industries involving pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electronic controls. We provide transmission shifters in both pneumatic and electronic versions for both on and off road trucks and construction equipment, as well as military vehicles. Electro-pneumatic valves are used to control engine turbine vanes on diesel engines to allow truck manufacturers to meet EPA emission requirements. Pneumatic transmission cylinders for shifting and pneumatic actuators for governors are also used for on- and off-highway trucks and construction equipment. AVENTICS valves and cylinders, and in some cases custom cylinder/valve combinations are used on in door applications for buses and RV’s. Pneumatic directional control valves and quick exhaust valves are used on hopper dump trucks to control the dumping of aggregate or asphalt. Since the 1960’s, we have been a leader in providing air valves and cylinders for bottom dump railroad hopper cars to provide automated dumping capability. Other pneumatic components are used on rail passenger applications. For marine examples see the marine products section.

      Transportation Applications


      Bottom Dump Rail Hopper Cars

      We supply the rail car industry with double acting pneumatic cylinders and directional control valves for control of hopper gates. Sometimes these are manually controlled with our directional control valves, and other times our solenoid version of the valves are used for remote control. Most often the cars are hauling coal or aggregate.

      Featured Products for Transportation


      Pneumatic Railcar Cylinders

      AVENTICS pneumatic railcar cylinders operate hopper gates for automatic bottom dumping. Generally these are used on hopper cars hauling coal, aggregate, sand, gravel, ore or other commodities. Customers can choose between steel tubing with chrome plated I.D. or lightweight and corrosion resistant fiberglass.


      Pneumatic Railcar Valves

      AVENTICS pneumatic directional control valves for bottom dump rail hopper have rugged, heavy-duty designs and years of proven reliability. Valves with manual, air pilot or solenoid operation (single or double), with subplate or tapped body mounting are available.