Railway Technology

AVENTICS Railway Technology - Your Benefits

  • More than 140 years of expertise regarding Railway Technology
  • Tailor made products for the Rail environment
  • Proven and up-to date pneumatic products
  • Service available in most countries

      Pneumatics for railway since the 1800's

      AVENTICS railroad heritage dates to our founding company (Westinghouse Air Brake Company) in the 1800’s with the invention of pneumatic components for the air brake. AVENTICS has been the leading pneumatic component manufacturer since the 1960‘s for rapid discharge rail hopper cars. Most often the cars are hauling coal or aggregate, but can include commodities such as grain or ore. Sometimes these are manually controlled with our directional control valves, and other times our solenoid version of the valves are used for remote control. Our large bore double-acting pneumatic cylinders with cast heads and caps, and choice of steel or fiberglass bodies provide the force to open the hopper gates. Our success can be attributed to high quality pre-lubricated components, reliable and innovative products, along with an unsurpassed customer satisfaction record.

      Globally, AVENTICS offers many other pneumatic solutions for railway, including components for:

      • Nose cone aerodynamics control and actuation
      • Door control and actuation
      • Door step control and actuation
      • Pantograph control and actuation
      • Toilet control systems
      • HVAC control and actuation
      • Freight car door control and actuation
      • Brake control
      • Levelling control and actuation
      • Car to car coupling control and actuation

      Featured Products for Railway


      Pneumatic Railcar Cylinders

      AVENTICS pneumatic railcar cylinders operate hopper gates for automatic bottom dumping. Generally these are used on hopper cars hauling coal, aggregate, sand, gravel, ore or other commodities. Customers can choose between steel tubing with chrome plated I.D. or lightweight and corrosion resistant fiberglass.


      Pneumatic Railcar Valves

      AVENTICS pneumatic directional control valves for bottom dump rail hopper have rugged, heavy-duty designs and years of proven reliability. Valves with manual, air pilot or solenoid operation (single or double), with subplate or tapped body mounting are available.

      Advantages vs electro mechanics, using our RTC-TD Rodless train door actuator:

      • Smaller / Compact
      • Shorter time to install (no setting needed)
      • Lower cost of electronics (no computer needed)
      • Less complicated maintenance (simple & few parts)
      • Higher reliability (no analogue controls) (simple & few parts)
      • Lower total cost