Metals, Mining & Minerals - advantages at a glance

  • Decades of experience
  • Specific products for application solutions
  • Rugged, long-lasting products

AVENTICS expertise adds value

AVENTICS has decades of experience in applications for metals, mining and minerals. This is especially seen in our leading position for pneumatics controls in oil and gas drilling and service rigs. In addition, we stand out in our solutions in areas such as aluminum smelting, where we have specific crust-breaking solutions and more. From our controls on mining equipment, to long-lasting valves and cylinders in steel mills and foundries, AVENTICS is the partner you need for more efficient operations.

Featured Products for Metals, Mining & Minerals


H Controlair® valves

Used globally for decades, these valves are used to control engine speed, brakes and clutches on drawworks. Specific models are sometimes used for transmission control. Hand, foot or mechanically operated, they can control both pressure and flow of air.


A Pilotair® Valves

These valves are used for drawworks clutch, brake and pump control. They are panel mounted, poppet-type valves that open, close and vent an air circuit. They are ideal for frequent use because of ease of operation, fast response and ability to tolerate contaminated air.


D Pilotair® Valves

On drawworks, these are most often used for station transfer. The valves are extremely customizable using standard components consisting of nine basic valves and nine basic operators in both 1/4” and 1/2” NPT & BSPP port sizes, along with various operator spring return and holding functions, are available.


P Rotair® Valves

This valve is usually used for multi-position transmission control on drawworks. It has single handle operation, with up to eight distinct handle positions, and multiple 3-way functions.

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