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1. What is different on the new AVENTICS website?

The reworked design of the new website is inspired by the latest findings on the user-friendliness of websites. It has a clearer layout which automatically adapts to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Users are redirected automatically from the aventics.com web page to relevant content in their language. 

2. What has changed on the main navigation menu?

The navigation bar has been thoroughly overhauled and its contents grouped under four menu items. Subject areas which include Products, Industries & Trends, Service & Support, and Company Information can now be accessed directly. By clicking on the relevant menu item you get a clear overview of the content. 

3. What is the quickest way to get an overview of the website's contents?

The website covers the four topics which include Products, Industries & Trends, Service & Support, and Company Information. Using the drop-down navigation menu, you can directly view all the content relating to a topic. All content which was available previously is still available but is now structured more clearly. 

4. The Engineering Tools menu item is no longer available. What is the quickest way to access the tools?

You will find the links to the tools directly on the right-hand side of the homepage. With just one click, you can call up the engineering tools, calculation programs, or the CAD search. 

5. In which languages is the new website available?

The new website is available in a total of 16 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, and Korean.

6. How can I search the entire website?

A comprehensive search function across the website, eShop, and product catalog will be available from mid October, 2018. 

7. Where on the website can I find a contact person for service, sales, press enquiries, or human resources?

A contact can be found on all sub-pages of the website. They will be able to assist you with any questions quickly and professionally. 

9. Can I also view the website on a mobile device?

The new website uses responsive design and can therefore also be viewed on tablets and smartphones. 

10. How can I purchase products from the AVENTICS website?

If you are interested in our products, you can access the product catalog directly from the homepage with just one click. You can then purchase the products of your choice from this page. Alternatively, a direct link to the eShop is also available at the very top of the web page (in the header). 

11. Will there be any changes to my extranet log-in information?

Extranet log-in information will remain the same. You will find the log-in area under the Service & Support menu item.

12. What data is collected when I visit the AVENTICS website?

The protection of your privacy in processing personal data, as well as the security of all of our business data, is something we take very seriously in our business processes. We process personal data collected during your visit to our website confidentially and only in accordance with statutory regulations. Data protection and information security are an integral part of our corporate policy. For more information, click on the "Legal information and GTC" link at the very bottom of the website (in the footer). 

13. Where can I sign up for the AVENTICS customer newsletter?

We are more than happy to provide you with regular updates on all the activities at AVENTICS. You can sign up for the newsletter under the Service & Support menu item. 

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14. What should I do if I find a mistake on the website?

It goes without saying that we have thoroughly checked the new website. Nevertheless, should you find a mistake, please send an e-mail to website(at)aventics.com

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Further questions?

If your question is missing, please send an e-mail to the AVENTICS website team.