27.11.2018 | News

Article on a leading global packaging machinery manufacturer developing the first fully aseptic filling machine for gable top packaging
Compressed Air Best Practices November 2018: “Safety: Food-Compliant Pneumatics for Fully Aseptic Juice Filling Machine” describes this process.

21.11.2018 | News

More Than Just Air: Advances in Pneumatic Valve Control Technology
The evolution of directional control valves and how smart valves make machine communication faster, easier, and less expensive to accomplish. AV valves with AES, and the Smart Pneumatics Monitor, etc. are used as examples in this article. Read more.

15.11.2018 | News

High-End Paper Production: Coating System Uses Pneumatic Control
Paper, Film & Foil Converter November 2018: “High-End Paper Production: Coating System Uses Pneumatic Control”. Emerson’s AVENTICS helped OEM Matti Technology optimize their ultra-precise coating system for paper finishing. AVENTICS pneumatics ensure perfect roller contact pressure, as well as actuation of the ink pumps and safety controls.

30.10.2018 | News

Learn how Emerson’s AVENTICS helped Bosch modernize existing automotive starter production lines to reduce the central stations from three to two using fast pneumatic solutions.
A case study in Fluid Power Journal. Describes working with machine manufacturer GAteK, the machines were upgraded with AVENTICS AV series directional control valves, ED series electro-pneumatic pressure regulating valves, compact cylinders and AS series air preparation units.

18.10.2018 | News

Learn about “Electrically Actuated Pneumatic Cylinders Cut Worktable Setup Times” in H&Ps latest edition
Emerson’s AVENTICS worked with Schröder GmbH to provide pneumatic solutions to reduce set up times for small-batch, yet complex production projects involving wood, composite and aluminum. An automated pin-table uses 384 pneumatic cylinder/valve units with vacuum cups, plus directional control valves and air preparation units, while connected to the control software via fieldbus.

17.10.2018 | News

Check out round-up article in OEM magazine on "Intrinsically Intelligent"
Discusses the capabilities of today’s smarter components for improving machine productivity, and the obstacles confronting OEMs to fully utilize them. The article includes commentary from Chris Noble, Key Account Manager for AVENTICS regarding intelligent pneumatics systems and IoT.

17.10.2018 | News

Read article on “Pneumatic Technology Drives Innovative Flow Drill Systems”
Assembly October 2018: a case study on how Emerson’s AVENTICS AV valve manifolds with integrated electro-pneumatic pressure control valves provide precision control for Weber flow drill systems to ensure proper screw tightening.

16.10.2018 | News

Emerson’s AVENTICS EV03 E/P valve featured in Fluid Power World’s “Pneumatics Tips”
The EV03 electro-pneumatic pressure regulating valve features low energy consumption and can guarantee pressure control during a power loss. Versions with or without and LCD display are available. Additional details on this product can be found on our newly added Series EV03 product page on AVENTICS’ website.

21.09.2018 | News

Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine explains the use of pneumatics technology use with electronic trains
Article titled “Flexible Air Actuators Keep in Contact” describes how AVENTICS pneumatics are used in “pantograph” assemblies to transmit power from overhead lines to electric trains.

06.09.2018 | News

Recently released article from DesignFAX in the Engineer’s Toolbox section titled "Cushioned aluminum cylinders are “Ideal” enhancement for sawmill performance”
The online article is a case study on how Baxley Equipment (a leading sawmill equipment OEM) uses Ideal Cushioning by AVENTICS with Series TRB ISO cylinders paired with Series 581 and Series 740 valves to increase throughput on their high-speed trimmers and sorters. Jim Apel from AVENTICS was a key contributor to the article.