HMI Partner Country Mexico: Manufacturing Giant Making the Leap

Laatzen (Germany), 07.03.2018 | Press

Aventics faces increasing demand for intelligent automation with smart pneumatics

In 2018, Mexico is the official partner country of the Hannover Messe. A great deal is currently being invested in factories and major plants in the largest Spanish-speaking country, with intelligent automation booming. Aventics also has a local country unit that supplies its customers with intelligent pneumatics.

Laatzen (Germany), March 7, 2018 – With over 123 million inhabitants, this year’s partner country to the 2018 Hannover Messe, Mexico, is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and has the 15th largest economy. As an automobile nation, it takes seventh place, ahead of Spain, Canada, Brazil, and France. In 2017, the country produced around 3.7 million cars, and in 2020 that number is expected to leap to 5 million. Between 2017 and 2019, three new plants of German manufacturers will begin production. Automobile suppliers in Mexico are upping their capacities accordingly. In recent years, a total of nearly 30 billion US dollars of foreign direct investments into the country were made annually. Aventics has also seen major growth in Mexico in recent decades owing to investments of European and American customers.

Companies are facing digital transformation

As in all industrialized economies, the Internet of Things is on the rise. According to recent studies, 60 per cent of industrial companies in Mexico plan to undergo digital transformation within the next five years. A major driver is the automotive industry, and companies from the electronics sector as well as the food and packaging industries are also starting to implement the first steps. This leads to an increasing demand for intelligent automation with smart pneumatics, Aventics has noticed. The pneumatics specialist satisfies this demand with new IoT products, like the Smart Pneumatics Monitor (SPM). The module provides reliable information on the state of wear of actuators as well as the energy efficiency of pneumatic systems. This minimizes the risk of machine downtimes and significantly lowers operating costs.

In Mexico, Aventics is focused on end users such as tier-1 and tier-2 automobile suppliers and companies producing metals. Pneumatic components in a hygienic design also appeal to the food and beverage industry. Mexico is the world’s top consumer of carbonated drinks, and has a very large soft drinks industry. The Aventics country unit in Mexico collaborates with numerous sales partners and system integrators in the country’s different hubs of industry.

The 2018 Hannover Messe will offer Mexican companies a platform to present themselves as efficient suppliers in countless industries worldwide. Aventics can be found in hall 23 at booth C39 at the world’s largest industrial fair.