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The Company

AVENTICS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components, systems, and customer-specific applications.

The pneumatic engineering company provides products and services for industrial automation, while additionally focusing on the sectors of commercial vehicles, food and beverage, railway technology, life sciences, energy, and marine technology. By integrating electronics, the use of innovative materials and prioritizing trends such as machine safety and the Internet of Things, AVENTICS is a pioneer in applied and environmentally-friendly solutions.

With around 150 years of expertise in pneumatics, AVENTICS employs approx. 2,000 associates worldwide In addition to production sites in Germany (Laatzen), France (Bonneville), Hungary (Eger), USA (Lexington), and China (Changzhou), Aventics is represented in more than 90 countries through direct sales and dealers.

The Aventics Group has received multiple certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 for quality, ISO 50001 for energy management, and ISO 14001 for environmental management. Further information is available at www.aventics.com.

AVENTICS in portrait: Our company film

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What defines AVENTICS, what we stand for, where and how we work worldwide: Our company film will give you a first impression.


Executive board

„Our ambition is to become known as the smart pneumatic engineering company that is easy to do business with.“

„We continue to pursue our strategy, complete our structural changes, and carry on providing world-class financial effectiveness to our company. We are well positioned to any future challenges.“

Marcus Mayer, Chief Financial Officer

Our brand

Our brand mission forms the basis for cooperative partnerships with our customers. The brand core EXPERTISE FOR YOU gets to the heart of AVENTICS.

The combination of our expert knowledge and focus on customer requests results in our promise to our customers: Pneumatics – It’s that easy. This promise guarantees excellent service, innovative products, and tailored, uncomplicated solutions at the press of a button.

It’s that easy with AVENTICS 

Our mission

We solve customer challenges with our knowledge and enthusiasm.

Our vision

We set trends in pneumatics and are the experts for special applications.

Our brand values

The brand values “passion”, “agile”, and “focused” reinforce our brand essence and express our mindset – towards our work, customers, partners, and employees.

Passion – we maintain long-term customer relationships


We maintain long term customer relationships. Our technologies are our heart and soul.

Focused – the leading technology specialist in many areas with extensive expertise and premium quality


We are the pneumatics experts and focus on our core competencies. With the expertise of our employees, we are the leading technology specialist in many areas, including for electronics integration, pressure regulation, and the use of state-of-the-art materials.

 Agile – we respond quickly to customer requests


We respond quickly to customer queries. With our products and by living up to our promises, we create measureable added value for our customers.

Our owner

About Emerson

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Our Emerson Automation Solutions business helps process, hybrid, and discrete manufacturers maximize production, protect personnel and the environment while optimizing their energy and operating costs. Our Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions business helps ensure human comfort and health, protect food quality and safety, advance energy efficiency, and create sustainable infrastructure. 

For more information visit Emerson.com

Company history

Tradition for continued success: The history of AVENTICS

The history of AVENTICS goes back to the invention of the pneumatic brake – and is being continued today with Industry 4.0.

“You can be sure if it’s a Westinghouse” was the confident slogan adopted by the Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) in the 19th century. Since then, industrial pneumatics has taken enormous strides. However, the pneumatic principle of putting compressed air to work for mechanical tasks is still making history. The range of tasks for pneumatics has grown consistently and requires new solutions: With the interaction of the latest technologies and the integration of state-of-the-art materials, with each new invention and each patent, the company’s portfolio has expanded – strengthening our clientele throughout the decades. 2014 marks the beginning of a new era: AVENTICS said farewell to large corporate structures to pursue a future as a stand-alone, flexible company on the market.


Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) is established.


AB Mekanprodukter, predecessor of AB Mecman, is founded.


Bosch acquires CPOAC SA.


Rexroth acquires the pneumatics business of WABCO. Mannesmann Rexroth Pneumatik GmbH is established.


Mannesmann Rexroth takes over AB Mecman.


Company is renamed Rexroth Mecman GmbH.


Merger of Bosch Automation/Mannesmann Rexroth AG. Bosch Rexroth AG is established.


Independent Pneumatics entity.



Our locations

AVENTICS has various production sites in Germany, France, Hungary, the USA and China. In addition to its production sites, AVENTICS has an extensive sales network and is represented in more than 40 countries around the world.

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