Runs Like a Charm: New Rodless Cylinder Supports Compact Machine Design

Laatzen (Germany), 07.11.2017 | News

Aventics completes its range of rodless cylinders

Aventics now offers a new product for applications where the basic variants just won’t do the trick but high-performance cylinders are too powerful. This rounds off the pneumatics specialist’s RTC range of rodless cylinders.

Laatzen (Germany), November 7, 2017 – As with the other double-acting rodless cylinders from Aventics, at the heart of the RTC-SB (slide bearing) is its oval piston shape. In relation to its size, it offers a very high load capacity. As a result, engineers can draft even more compact machine designs. Equipped with a lubrication-free slide bearing, the cylinder is maintenance-free and resistant to water, chemicals, and dirt. The slide play is optimally adjusted right at the factory.

The new RTC-SB rodless cylinder is designed for a maximum speed of 6.5 m/s. The maximum stroke is around 6,600 mm. A wear-free magnetically attached exterior strip, scraper, and sealing strip protect the cylinder from dust and dirt. Adjustable pneumatic cushioning extends the service life and ensures precise and gentle operation. Form-fit connection technology from Aventics with standardized mechanical interfaces simplifies machine design and speeds up assembly significantly since no re-adjustments are necessary.

The RTC cylinder completes the Aventics range of double-acting rodless cylinders. The new RTC-SB version with a piston diameter ranging from 25 to 40 mm closes the previous gap between the basic version (RTC-BV) and the versions designed for higher loads, the RTC-CG (compact guide) and RTC-HD (heavy duty).