Vacuum accessories from AVENTICS

Vacuum accessories

Spring-loaded plungers, angle joints, flow valves, filters, containers, etc.


Uitwerpers in tal van uitvoeringen, materialen en maten:

In-line-vormige, T-constructie- of compacte uitwerpers.

Aanrakingsloos transportsysteem

Zwevende zuignappen volgens het Bernoulli-principe van PEEK of aluminium in diverse maten.


Platte zuignappen (rond of ovaal), balgzuignappen (rond) in diverse maten.

Gripper and vacuum technology from AVENTICS

Whether non-contact, mechanical, or vacuum: AVENTICS’ vacuum and gripper technology is well equipped to take on any handling tasks, even those involving delicate surfaces and hard-to-grip materials. One highlight: our non-contact NCT transport system for objects and workpieces weighing up to 1 kg. For gantries, we offer various modular components such as our MSC mini slides for all types of motion and gripping functions. These elements can be tailored to your specific requirements with our online Engineering Tools.