Expert know how - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions or concrete problems? AVENTICS has outstanding expertise and offers specific solutions and support to make your project a success. Here you will find informations on various current topics, such as efficient compressed air applications, cylinder mountings and adjustable cushioning. In order to help you quickly, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

IP codes

Moisture, vapors, acids, alkalines, oil, or even bacteria: The IP codes indicate how reliably the respective system is protected from external influences such as these.

Efficient compressed air applications

Rising energy prices, increasing demands: In the area of compressed air applications, AVENTICS offers solutions that solve both tasks at the same time.  

Cylinder mountings

Higher resistance and optimized cost efficiency: an AVENTICS cylinder mounting made of forged aluminum offers many advantages compared with die-cast variants.

Adjustable cushioning

Productivity with the right adjustment: With AVENTICS pneumatic cylinder cushioning and the right adjustment, you can save costs and increase your productivity.