Valve System, Series ES05

Valve System, Series ES05 - advantages at a glance

  • Simple assembly
  • High flexibility
  • Easy configuration
  • High quality
  • Optimized storage costs
  • Good value

ES05 - The Essentiell Valve System

Pneumatics are characterized by their easy handling and reliability. Basic control technology is particularly important in a large number of applications. For this, AVENTICS has developed the new valve system ES05. The simple assembly and modular system structure allow for pneumatic control technology without any bells and whistles. Nevertheless, the ES05 offers high AVENTICS quality without any compromises.

Another highlight of the ES05 is its assembly concept. All components can be mounted using only one tool (TX10) and a single torque. This allows quick and easy assembly and increases safety and quality.

Electrical Connection Types

Despite the small number of components, the ES05 allows for a variety of variations through a sophisticated modular system. Only by exchanging the end plate can the ES05 valve system be adapted to the electrical requirements:

Single Connection:

Control via form C industrial electrical connectors directly at the pilot, which can also be rotated between the central connection and the single connection. M8x1 pilots with integrated LED enable a connection technology realized without any tools.

Multipole Connection:

D-SUB connectors allow the central control of up to 24 coils.

Fieldbus Connection:

Of course ES05 also offers the possibility to control the valves in series. For this purpose, the entire product range of the Advanced Electronic System AES is available, which is also used in the other valve systems. This means that there is no need for a constant rethinking during commissioning. It's that easy!

More about the Advanced Electronic System AES

I/O Link:

I/O link structures simplify electrical wiring structures. A simple valve concept like ES05 fits this.

Single Valves

ES05 is not only available as a valve system. In the modular system, single valves are also integrated, which build on the use of common parts with the systems. If only one valve is required, the same pneumatic functions and single connection variants (form C industry and M8x1) are available.

Pneumatic Functions

Valve functions:

  • 5/2 single solenoid and double solenoid
  • 2 x 3/2 NC and NO
  • 5/3 center closed

Pressure zones:

Pressure zones in channel 1 and supply modules (1, 3, 5) allow up to 6 pressure zones in one valve system

Pilot air:

Whether internal pilot air or external pilot air, the control air supply can be subsequently changed with one rotation.


How to Build ES05 Valve System – It's That Easy

Pneumatics – It’s that easy.

Following customer requests, AVENTICS has launched its new ES05 Essential Valve System series, a particularly economic and user-friendly solution for applications with standard requirements in industrial automation.

The valves come in a robust housing made of high-performance polymers and are especially stable and compact. The valves are controlled via single wiring with a type CI plug according to ISO 15217, a D-Sub connection with 25 pins, with AES valve electronics from A, or an integrated IO-Link interface.