Valve System, Series AV03

AV03 single valve from AVENTICS

Valve System, Series AV03 - advantages at a glance

  • Up to 45% less space than similar valves
  • Lightweight, polymer design
  • Reaches speeds of up to 1m/s
  • Online configureable

The AV Family: Sucess Through Advancement

Sophisticated thanks to use in a wide variety of practical applications, driven forward through constant development: The Advanced Valves (AV) have made quite an impression since entering the market. The AV family continues to grow – finding modern answers to current requirements in industrial automation.

AV System – The New Standard for Manifolds

The new AVENTICS AV (Advanced Valve) pneumatic directional control valves are smaller, lighter and  more efficient than most similar valves. The unique diagonal shape of the valve optimizes flow  capacity. The AV03 valves feature flow of 0.3 Cv. The plug-in design allows for quick valve change-out. Configure your own custom valve manifolds online quickly. One scan of the QR code on the valve manifold using your cell phone or tablet, and you are immediately forwarded to your configuration via a wireless connection. Using the AVENTICS AES (Advanced Electronic System) you can add bus modules, I/O, or an E/P (electro-pneumatic pressure regulator).

Product Highlights of AVENTICS Valve System, Series AV03

  • Valve type: Spool valve, zero overlap
  • Flow: AV03: 0.3 Cv (300 l/m)
  • Switching time: 8 ms
  • Manual Overrides: Locking or non-locking styles
  • Electrical Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 0.55 W
  • Protection: NEMA 4 / IP65 with electrical connector/plug ( IP54 without electrical connector )
  • Indicator: Yellow LED

Which System is Right for my Application?

Compact design

The dimensions per flow rate are an important factor when it comes to compact valve construction. As machines and systems continue to be optimized, smaller installations are growing in importance. Size, weight, and easy integration into compact machine designs are the deciding factors in many applications. 


The drive’s air consumption, valve connections, and flow controls on the tubing side determine valve selection based on the flow rate. Throttling should already be considered in the planning stage. 

Equipment options

The option of integrating pressure control for individual valves or whole sections, flow controls, vacuum ejectors or pneumatic separation of pressure ranges increases the controller’s overall functionality. The possibility to change the type of electrical connection at a later date makes the system convenient and flexible. 

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