Valve system, AV series

Valve system, AV series - advantages at a glance

  • High flexibility
  • Centralization
  • Easy system integration
  • Light & compact design
  • Configurable online
  • Future-oriented thanks to flexible materials

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The AV valve system

Our Advanced Valve system has proven successful in a broad spectrum of applications. The recipe for success: long-term research in the area of valve technology, continuous further development of the materials used, as well as fast implementation of innovative ideas to expand our modular concept.

The AV systems provide a reliable basis for both compact handling systems and complex automation solutions. In the area of machine safety in particular, the AV family offers intelligent solutions that significantly reduce your effort in creating a safe design. And with outlets on the bottom, the AV system is optimized for installation in control cabinets also.

Compared with existing products, the AV:

  • Saves up to 45% space thanks to its diagonal design
  • Is upt to 40% lighter thanks to low-weight, high-performance polymers
  • Consumes up to 20% less compressed air thanks to shorter distances from the actuator to the valve

Product Highlights of the AVENTICS AV series

 The Advanced Valve System AV is a complete automation solution with that continuously adapts to application requirements.

AV offers an almost endless number of functions:

  • Valve functions: 2x 2/2, 2x 3/2, 5/2, 5/2
  • Pressure zone separation
  • Manual override: with detent, without detent, none
  • EP pressure regulator integration: single station regulator, pressure zone control
  • Function module: flow coupler, pressure regulator, shut-off valve, throttle module
  • Connectivity: single connection, multipole connection, fieldbus connection, I/O link
  • Excellent serviceability: Valve mounting by means of one screw
  • Low power consumption (0.55 W reduced)

AV-BP Advanced Valve System with bottom ported connections.

Depending on their requirements, our customers also want to be able to install the AV system in control cabinets. The AV-BP (bottom-ported) makes this possible.

Optimized for cabinet assembly, the well known AV valves and AES electronics are available in two sizes: AV03 with a nominal flow rate of 300 Nl/min or AV05 with a nominal flow rate of 700 Nl/min.

This modular and flexible base plate system offers up to 32 valves (64 coils), various pressure & electrical zones and can be supplied either via top or bottom within both, dual pressure and vacuum applications. Available electrical connections are D-Sub, Fieldbus + I/Os.

And with the help of our transition plate, customers can also take advantage of the benefits of a pneumatic multipole, making AV-BP especially service friendly.


The small size of the AV modular system with a flow rate of up to 300 l / min is suitable for smaller cylinders. Due to its small size and low weight, the AV03 can be placed close to the actuator. Thus, compressed air savings of up to 45% are possible.

The fieldbus connection AES has been specially developed for the size of AV03, so that space is not an important factor.


With AV05, flow rates of up to 700 l / min are possible. This makes it possible to comfortably control cylinders up to 80 mm in diameter. Of course, the dimensions and weight are a benchmark as well! 

AV05 can also be combined with AV03, if required. As with AV03, control is possible via multipole or fieldbus with the AES.

AES - The Advanced Electronic System


The AV Family - The system for compact pneumatic applications

Ensure clear advantages for your production: The AV system is a complete automation solution that continuously adapts to your requirements and maximizes the potential of your existing machines.

Comprehensive flow analyses, a modern polymer-based construction, and our many years of experience with application requirements were the basis for this manifold concept. The result is a class of its own. A significantly reduced weight and extremely compact size result in an increased function density.  

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