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Valve Systems - advantages at a glance

  • Integrated functions
  • Innovative and compact housing design
  • Comprehensive connection options
  • Precise and reliable
  • Modular and flexible
  • Application-optimized
  • Configurable with the online product configurator

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Capable and Well Thought-Out – Application-Oriented Valve Technology from AVENTICS

The result of decades of work in application-oriented development for our key industries, single valves and valve systems from AVENTICS set the tone in today's pneumatics. Simply put, AVENTICS is unrivalled when it comes to the entire spectrum of valve technology instruments. And that doesn't only sound good – it's a solid argument for efficient pneumatic solutions.

Perfection is Our Standard

With a valve solution to match any application and work environment, our comprehensive range of perfected valve technology fulfills all the requirements placed on cutting-edge efficient pneumatic control technology. And as you've come to expect from our products, each component has the best quality and design.

  • Functionality
  • Modularity
  • Quality and Design

As well as meeting all environmental requirements, our products are extremely durable and offer a wide range of functions. This is demonstrated by a quick system layout and adaptation to specific tasks thanks to the modular design. Further quality features of our valves include low leakage and power consumption. And with short delivery times thanks to local production, our products get to where they need to be quickly, to do what they do best – work for you!

Advanced Valve System - AV Series

Sophisticated thanks to use in a wide variety of practical applications, driven forward through constant development: The Advanced Valves (AV) have made quite an impression since entering the market. The AV family continues to grow – finding modern answers to current requirements in industrial automation.

AV Series

Valve System, Series AV03/AV05

Our Advanced Valve system has proven successful in a broad spectrum of applications. The recipe for success: Long-term research in the area of valve technology, continuous further development of the materials used, as well as fast implementation of innovative ideas to expand our modular concept.

AV-BP Series for Control Cabinets

The AV-BP (bottom-ported) valve system is the right choice for applications requiring installation of the Advanced Valve technology directly in the control cabinet. An easy, service-friendly, and space-saving solution that offers full modularity and flexible configuration.

Essential Valve System - ES05

The Essential Valve System is ideal for standard pneumatic applications. Its simplicity and modularity make it especially well suited for applications that require quick changes or extensions. Due to its modular system consisting of a limited number of components and the one-tool concept, the ES05 is also easy to assemble in-house.

Valve System ES05

Valve System, Series ES05

ES05 is a valve system that has been designed especially for standard pneumatics applications and industrial automation. Simple, flexible and efficient – without bells and whistles.

Clean Line Valve System - CL Series

The Clean Line series features a hygienic design with a high protection class. The synthetic material is resistant to cleaning agents and aggressive chemicals, enabling applications in wet areas, even under harsh conditions. The valve system offers outstanding flexibility with the possibility to generate up to 32 different pressure stages in a single system.

CL Series

Valve System, Series CL03

Clean line to the maximum. The CL03 series is the ideal valve system for pneumatic solutions in the food industry – hygienic design, utmost configuration flexibility, module extension possible at any time, and protected at the highest level.

High Flow Valve System - HF Series

The HF valve system offers flexible installation and quick, secure valve exchanges. HF means high flow and high functionality with extensive equipment options.

HF Series

Series LP04: 300 l / min

Thanks to the particularly flat height, the LP04 is ideal for tight spaces.

Series HF04 / HF04-XF: 400 l / min

The universal and flexible valve system offers numerous electrical connection possibilities and pneumatic functions.

Series HF03-LG: 850 l / min

The HF03-LG valve system has been one of the most popular valve series for many years. Tried and proven in millions of applications, it is a good choice due to the wide connectivity and modularity. And if the flow rate should be insufficient, the HF03-LG can be combined with HF02-LG.

Series HF02-LG: 1.400 l/min

The HF02 range extends the HF product family up to 1,400 l / min. The variant "LG" also stands for broad connectivity and for an uncomplicated integration into the electrical machine structure.

Compact and Modular – Valve Systems Offering all Options

All valve systems offer the highest flexibility and functionality. Highly modular in construction, they easily integrate into tight spaces and the most demanding work environments without sacrificing functional reliability.

Solutions Precisely Tailored to the Application

AVENTICS developed this flexible program with the motto “just the necessary components, but premium quality throughout” in mind. All systems are designed for simple installation and commissioning, which makes them particularly servicefriendly in daily operation. In addition, they offer all modern options of electrical and pneumatic connection technology.

Expandable for Future Needs

Thanks to their modularity, you can expand valve solutions at any time and adapt them perfectly to changing machine environments. Exchanging valves on the base plate is simple and cost-effective – and doesn't involve machine modifications. Another advantage of these valve systems is their comprehensive range of accessories, allowing for highly customized designs and equipment. Typical application areas are: automation technology, process control in machine construction, and general material handling including vacuum technology, all in a wide variety of industries.

  • Expandable at any time
  • Large range of accessories
  • Individual configuration

Optimized in Terms of Time

If you want to implement optimal, machine-specific configurations, valve concepts without base plates offer additional flexibility. The simultaneous use of targeted single valves and modular stacked valve solutions from the same series can make things considerably easier, safer, and more cost-effective. This multifaceted series concept enables highly economic, compact solutions that are tailored to the specific machine environments. Their low installation volumes make them easy to integrate anywhere, and since they are so lightweight, you can install them directly onto moving machine parts.

  • Specifically optimized configuration
  • Compact machine integration
  • Direct mounting on moving machine parts

These valve solutions are often used in automation, as well as process control and assembly technology, especially in small handling, machine tool construction, and the electronics industry.

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